Do you need more people to know about your business?

Could your organization's newsletter have a broader reach?

Can your social media efforts be more effective?

Communication strategies and tools can have more of an impact on your organization's effectiveness - and bottom line - than many people realize. Here are some of the services Writing Raven Communications can offer to improve your communication efforts:

Communication Strategy
By engaging a full strategy - sometimes known as communications campaigns - nearly any effort you are making in your business or organization can be improved. Whether it is figuring out how to stretch the funds you have to reach more people, implementing a plan on how to ensure the customers you have are aware of your message, or setting up a schedule of communication well ahead of events and meetings so you're not scrambling to get the word out, Writing Raven Communications can help you to do what you're already doing with more efficiency and with increased outcomes.

Writing and Editing
Does your company website need written material? Do you have a book or newsletter that needs a professional edit? Do you need information to get to your customers but don't know what to write in the brochure? With thirteen years of professional writing and editing experience in an array of genres, Writing Raven Communications can assist in nearly any writing or editing projects. 

Social Media and Web
Social media and web tools can be the most powerful and versatile tools in your communication toolbelt. But they can also be the most confusing. How do you set up these accounts? Does your company need a blog or a website? How can you maximize your social media efforts so you're getting what you want out of them? Writing Raven Communications has years of hands-on experience with social media, and is always looking at the newest tools for their usefulness in the corporate and nonprofit world. We can help you set up your social media and web efforts, implement a strategy around them, and help you read the data to know how effective your efforts are.

Media Relations
For any organization or business, the question of "How do we get the word out?" often leads to the media. Maybe you need a press release to highlight your new product, or need to know how to invite the media to your big event. Writing Raven Communications can help you navigate how to best get the word out!

Assistance with Photography and Graphic Design
Whether you need a template for a flier you can then switch out yourself, photos to use on your website, or a fully designed look for your business, Writing Raven Communications can both create materials for you, as well as work with graphic designers and photographers in its network to ensure the graphics match your overall communication needs. 

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